Can't pick up your dog from grooming?

Needing an extra stay?

Full Day:


2nd dog from same family


1/2 Day (5 hour max)


1/2 Day, 2nd dog from same family


Dogs booked for grooming that can not be picked up after grooming has been completed may stay with us longer for an extra fee. This is so they my be properly supervised as well as taken out for bathroom breaks during their stay with us!

All pets must have current/up to date shots or Titres, including rabies, DHLPPC and bordatella (kennel cough).  Pets are preferred to be neutered or spayed and not be in heat at the time of an appointment. Dogs whom recently had surgery must have their stitches out prior to any grooming visits. 

Daycare Requirements

Some of our favourite local businesses!

Cancellation & Pick-Up Policy

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change all appointments in order to give us time to fill the appointment. If you are unable to provide us with the required time there is a $15 charge applied to your account. 

On arrival to your appointment we will give you an estimated time we will need. We will give a 15 minute heads up towards the end of your appointment. Pick up within 30 minutes from our call is required to avoid any daycare fee's. 

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